Computer Weekly – Nearly half of firms fear cloud apps make them insecure

cw_logoSurvey shows more than one-third of global companies appoint a CISO in the face of data breaches, and the UK is giving CISOs more power despite making fewer appointments

Jason Hart, cyber security expert at Thales, said it is positive to see the UK ahead of its counterparts in using the right expertise in the right places.

“Giving CISOs the final decision on cloud access management is the most logical thing because they have the situational awareness to understand the risks facing the business and how to stop it more than anyone else. However, being ahead of the global average isn’t enough as a huge majority are still not giving the CISO or equivalent the final say, leaving most UK businesses exposed in the long run.”

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Wired UK – Threat Matrix: navigating new challenges and emerging risks

wiredThis special report created by WIRED Consulting and Bird & Bird seeks to explore key threats to businesses and how they can mitigate damage should disaster strike. This is the ultimate C-suite guide to navigating new business challenges and emerging risks.

“Yet many companies, according to Jason Hart, chief technology officer at Gemalto’s data protection solutions, do not fully grasp the level of associated risk. ‘Board and C-suite level awareness around security generally has grown,’ he says, ‘but there’s still much less understanding about what the different risks are around confidentiality and data integrity [where data is maliciously altered], the different types of data a company may hold, and the impact it would have if they were to be compromised.”

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