Real Business – What tech trends should ambitious SMEs be jumping on this year?

realbusinessMed-tech, law-tech, GDPR fines and the disruption of international security, it sure looks like 2019 will be an interesting year for technology. Read about the latest trends and how your business can capitalise on them now.

“2019 will see the first AI-orchestrated attack take down a FTSE 100 company.” – Jason Hart, chief technology officer, data protection, Gemalto.

Despite’s Hart’s doom-laden prediction above, the future is anything but gloomy for cyber security firms, and for the companies that employ their services.

Why? Because it’s a great opportunity for cyber security companies to show consumers how vital their services are, as they rise and innovate to combat the challenges of these new advancements.

“AI will be needed to fight AI, many believe, particularly as the IoT vastly increases the number of potential weak points in this burgeoning network of connected devices,” Hart continues.

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Real Business – Uber paid hackers to hide a massive data breach

rb-logo2That more should have been done to prevent the situation is a view point numerous experts are taking. Jason Hart, CTO of data protection at Gemalto, for example, exclaimed Uber could have benefited from faster disclosure and better use of data encryption. He also portrays a note of concern.

So close to the implementation of GDPR, it’s worrying that such high-profile companies don’t seem geared for the reporting process. The Uber case should thus serve as an example of the importance of transparency and accountability for businesses.

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