IT Security Central – How to Ensure the Security of Your Cloud Storage in 2018: The Top Experts Speak

itsecuritycentral_4We’ve heard of the challenges of Amazon S3 Buckets and the exposure of customer data to the world wide web. When cloud storage technology emerged, the new technology had plenty of hype. Companies flocked to the new technology, and they started integrating it into their daily work structure. However, security was usually overlooked, limitations not put into place and nonessential employees given administrative access to make important changes to data.

“Organizations are benefiting from the convenience that the cloud offers along with its scalability and controlled costs. Though these are great advantages, businesses shouldn’t lose sight of the security of the information they’re inputting into the cloud. Simply adopting cloud services does not guarantee that data will be secure as there are additional steps to be taken to do so.

With that said, it is crucial for organizations to use robust authentication methods to access information and applications in the cloud. Proper controls such as encryption and tokenization should be placed at the source of the data regardless of where it is placed. Organizations will be more secure and less susceptible to data breaches after incorporating these measures.”

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