May 25th 2017 – Turning the Table on Hackers through Situational Awareness

may25th-webcastISC2 Webinar – May 25th 2017 12:00–13:00 BST

Data breaches in 2016 got even more personal with big hacks of adult entertainment sites and social media databases. Hackers mined these for gold, in other words, valuable data to create social engineering attacks, ransom operations and identity theft. According to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index, the number of stolen, compromised or lost records increase by 86% in 2016, while the number of breaches decreased by 4%. Hackers are going after more data than ever before, and they are finding it in large databases that are left relatively insecure.

Whether consciously or not, hackers have grasped the idea of situational awareness. They have figured out how to exploit these golden opportunities by keeping a pulse on what is going on. It seems too simple to be true, but it goes back to the age-old principle of information is power. Getting the information comes from being aware of one’s surroundings. To become situationally aware, companies need to change their mindset- building a walled garden isn’t an option anymore. During the webinar, we will look at the major data breach trends and findings from 2016 and discuss how this information can help develop your situational awareness.

Join us as we cover topics like:

  • What we can learn from Jason Bourne about knowing one’s surroundings
  • What we can learn from hackers to better protect valuable data
  • What we as security professionals can do by going back to the basics of accountability, integrity, auditability, availability and confidentiality
  • How to change our mindset in a new era of a hacker driven gold rush

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April 25th 2017 – Webcast – Part II – How to get started with GDPR & Applying Appropriate Security Controls

april25webcastAs a follow-up to our previous webinar, this panel discussion will dive into further detail about the GDPR.
Presented by compliance experts Christine Andrews (DQM GRC) and Jason Hart (Gemalto) we will answer some of the big questions raised in the previous webinar and open up to the live audience for an interactive Q&A.
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23rd March 2017 – Webcast – Getting started with GDPR, Privacy and Applying Appropriate Security Controls

Live webinar: 12pm (UK), 23rd March 2017, and available on-demand after this date.



In this webinar, presented by compliance experts Christine Andrews (DQM GRC), Jason Hart (Gemalto) and Becrypt you will learn:

a. The background to the new General Data Protection Regulation
b. An overview of the key areas of change from the existing Data Protection Act – and the penalties for getting it wrong
c. A focus on the information security implications and considerations for meeting compliance
d. An approach for understand the “Gaps” in your current compliance and, importantly, how best to move forwards

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6th December 2016 – (ISC)2 SecureLondon Conference

This conference explores the impact of the rise of the virtual organisation on security practice; the solutions that are emerging to tackle this environment; and the lessons being learned within professional practice. Acknowledging the need to step away from the technology–driven approach that often dominates traditional systems security management, delegates will explore the foundational concepts that drive security and still apply in a world that is designed to be much less defined than in the past.

Jason’s session:

15.50 – 16.10
S7: Attacker Persona Framework: A UX Approach to Identifying IOT Attack Vectors

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