Information Age: How can you best protect your organisation’s data?

information-age-logo-text-onlyThe number of successful data breaches continues to surge, as hackers get smarter and security solutions struggle.

What is the most effective method of data protection for the enterprise?

This is a question that must plague those in charge of an organisation’s data and security. There are so many solutions out there, and there is certainly no ‘silver bullet’ for cyber security. What is a CTO, CISO or CSO to do?

There isn’t one solution

There isn’t one solution or method to cyber security, explained Jason Hart, CTO of Data Protection for Gemalto.

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Information Age – Gemalto CTO: Beating ‘cybercriminals at their own game’

information-age-logo-text-onlyIn today’s business environment, data is king. Protecting this most valuable asset is key to effective security.

Data breaches can ruin careers, and permanently damage the reputation of organisations. Defending against these cyber attacks is a challenge, and a problem that keeps business leaders up at night.

Think like a hacker

Jason Hart – CTO of data protection, Gemalto – believes that in his role, thinking like a hacker has helped him “beat the cybercriminals at their own game”.

“Using business insights and my years of experience as an ethical hacker, I know how cybercriminals think.”

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IT Security Guru – CISO Chat – Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto

itsecurityguru2On the back of what was a fantastic first round of questioning with insightful responses from leading figures in the IT security industry, the CISO Chat segment on the IT Security Guru has returned for the second round of questioning. We have caught up with a host of CISO’s and senior security experts to get their thoughts and ideas on the 2018 cyber landscape and will include advice, guidance & problems faced. We will leave the favourite food and hobby questions for another time.

Our next guest is Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto who believes the focus for the industry needs to be on encouraging businesses to do the basics right.

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AV Technology Europe – Confessions of a professional hacker: think your AV/IT is safe? This may change your mind


avte-logoAn Interview with Jason Hart…


The threats from cyber attacks are reaching epidemic proportions.

As I write this, an email with the headline ‘councils hit be 37 cyber attacks every minute’ has popped up on my screen. Surprised? After all, the subject of cyber threats for many is like discussing a life threatening illness or crashing your car. It’s something that happens to other people, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

Hart attack 

Jason Hart is a potentially very dangerous man, possessing the skills and knowledge to cause the kind of damage suggested above. Thankfully, Jason is a good guy. A successful “ethical hacker” now helping companies like yours. He knows how the bad guys think and what it is they want and the methods deployed to go and get it and – crucially – the best ways to stop them.

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siliconJason Hart guides us through his career in IT, his love of the enigma machine and why he would turn to farming tech if he wasn’t in the security sector

What is your role and who do you work for?

I am the Chief Technology Officer for Data Protection at Gemalto. I’m responsible for directing and guidance the business and strategy of the product roadmap, helping establish the vision for the company.

How long have you been in IT?

I’ve been working in information security since the age of 18 – (just) over 20 years! I started as an ethical hacker, working with a number of FTSE 100 companies to work out where their vulnerabilities lay – it was an interesting time for me, and a fast learning curve for the companies!

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neillogosmallnew2Jason Hart is an award-winning, globally recognized expert and visionary in the World of Cyber Security. Jason continues to raise and educate the profile of Information Security risks and was instrumental in the introduction of the role CSO (Chief Security Officer) globally.

Hart has devoted his time to reducing and researching the risk of password theft and password hacking. Currently, he serves as CTO for the Enterprise & Cyber Security division of Gemalto, the world’s leading digital security company. A former ethical hacker with decades of experience in info sec, Hart has created technologies to thwart cyber criminals. He was instrumental in developing the role of Chief Security Officer and the world’s leading Cloud Based Authentication Platform.

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