Help Net Security: The rising use of personal identities in the workplace


90% of enterprise IT professionals are concerned that employee reuse of personal credentials for work purposes could compromise security. However, with 68% saying they would be comfortable allowing employees to use their social media credentials on company resources, Gemalto’s research suggests that personal applications (such as email) are the biggest worry to organisations.


“What’s clear is businesses feel their customers are not impressed with the authentication methods they’re using. This isn’t a surprise given focus is still on boosting perimeter defences and there remains a lack of investment in solutions like two-factor authentication and encryption, which aim to protect the most valuable thing, the data. It’s not just up to companies to start this process though, customers need to demand that they have access to these necessary security protocols,” said Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto.

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Information Management: Hidden Fees: What is the Cost of a Data Breach?

Words Data Breach on tablet.Does anyone know the real cost of a data breach? This is a question that has been asked both in the board room and by researchers in the security industry ever since the first big data breaches began grabbing major headlines more than a decade ago.

Recent events and the rise in mega breaches are shedding light on how much mega data breaches can cost companies. Yahoo is just beginning to comprehend the cost of its data breach. The latest news reports say it may end up costing the company and its shareholders one billion dollars. At least that is the discount Verizon is reportedly considering following its $4.8 billion offer to purchase the company.

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