– CXOs Still Wary Of Cloud Data Security: Study

cxotodayA new study on cloud data security provides insights into the shaken confidence in the cloud. According to the report, more companies are selecting cloud providers because they will improve security. However, despite its increased use, payment and customer data still appear to be at risk. The security has further increased from 12% of respondents in 2015 to 26% last year. [Read the full report here]

”To solve both of these challenges, enterprises should have control and visibility over their security throughout the cloud, and being able to enforce, develop and monitor security policies is key to ensuring an integrity,” Jason Hart, vice president and CTO of data protection at Gemalto said.

“The cloud is storing all types of information from personally identifiable information to passwords to credit cards”. In today’s world, it’s an easy deal to get access to unauthorized data, the data can be of any kind, for eg – customer information, email, consumer data, employee records etc. All the data, is associated with some kind of risk value to itself. All the customers will ensure the usage of the right methods to attain high privacy of their data, once they identify the risk linked to the leak of the data,” he added.

The beginning started off on a good note for leveraging the cloud, however the organizations were concerned about its security. “Having tracked the progress of cloud security over the years, when we say ‘confidence in the cloud is up,’ we mean that we’ve come a long way”. Security has always been a concern and continues to be”.

“Security in the cloud can be improved if the security control is applied to the data itself.” Hart further added.


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