BBC News – Tech trends 2019: ‘The end of truth as we know it?’

bbcnewsMore than 200 firms contributed to our request for ideas on what the global tech trends will be in 2019. Here’s a synthesis of the main themes occupying the minds of the technorati this year. You may be surprised.

This year it’s all about data – a small, rather dull word for something that is profoundly changing the world we live in.

“2019 will see the first AI-orchestrated attack take down a FTSE 100 company,” predicts Jason Hart, chief technology officer, data protection, at security firm Gemalto. A new breed of AI-powered malware will infect an organisation’s systems, sit undetected gathering information, adapt to its surroundings, and unleash a series of bespoke attacks targeted to take down a company from the inside out.”

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BBC News – Lock out: The Austrian hotel that was hacked four times

bbcnewsThe internet of things (IoT) promises many advantages – smart cities with integrated transport systems, for instance – but it comes with a significantly increased cybersecurity risk. So how should we be tackling this new threat?

Meanwhile, “we’re starting to see attacks focusing on compromising the integrity of data”, says Jason Hart, chief technology officer for Dutch digital security firm Gemalto.

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BBC News – 2017 tech trends: ‘A major bank will fail’

bbcnewsIf 2016 seemed politically tumultuous, 2017 promises to be equally tumultuous on the technology front. The pace of change is accelerating at a dizzying rate, with profound implications for the way we work, play and communicate. So what are the big technology trends to watch out for in 2017?


“It’s scary, but data integrity attacks have the power to bring down an entire company and beyond; entire stock markets could be poisoned and collapsed by faulty data. “The power grid and other IoT systems, from traffic lights to the water supply, could be severely disrupted if the data they run on were to be altered,” [Jason Hart] he says.