UKTN – Companies still can’t detect IoT device breaches

uktnDigital security expert Gemalto has revealed its latest research shows that only around half (48%) of businesses can detect if any of their Internet of Things (IoT) devices suffers a breach.

This is despite the UK Government introducing the IoT security code of practice for manufacturers and developers last year.

Jason Hart, CTO of data protection at Gemalto, said: “The push for digital transformation by organisations has a lot to answer for when it comes to security and bad practices. At times it feels organisations are trying to run before they can walk, implementing technology without really understanding what impact it could have on their security.

“With IoT devices continuing to immerse themselves deep within organisations’ networks, it’s frightening to see that so many UK businesses don’t know if and when these devices have been breached.

“Although the UK’s new Code of Practice is a great first step toward securing the IoT, it won’t truly be effective until these are made mandatory and all organisations are forced to adhere to them. Only once every device, new and old, is given these same standards will the UK see a decrease in successful attacks.”

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