The Telegraph – The hidden dangers of using Wi-Fi on holiday, according to a former hacker

telegraph2We all use public Wi-Fi on our holidays, but is this safe? A former ‘ethical hacker’ explains the dangers of public connections, and the simple measures we can take to protect our online identities abroad.

There’s no escaping it. We’re all vulnerable to theft on our holidays. I was reminded of this on a recent trip to Chile, when a friend I was travelling with had her phone, bank cards and cash pinched from her pocket in Santiago city centre…

“Anyone who connects a device to a Wi-Fi access point without taking necessary safety precautions is inviting hackers on their vacation with them,” he said. “Travellers should realise, especially in foreign countries, that hacks are inevitable. You could be in a hotel resort, down by the pool but the hacker is up in a room on the 12th floor and you wouldn’t know. But there are ways to protect against a ruined vacation.”


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