SC Media – Yahoo issues new breach warning; Verizon shaves $300M off its Yahoo offer

scmediaVerizon was in talks to purchase Yahoo’s internet business when news broke that the web company had been hit with two massive data breaches and this has had an impact on the asking price with the initial offer of $4.8 billion has been reduced by about $250 million, according to a report Wednesday on Bloomberg. Other reports cite the revised figure as shaving as much as $350 million off.

While it is news that Yahoo is making another announcement about a breach, it shouldn’t be surprising, Jason Hart, CTO of data protection at Gemalto, told SC Media on Wednesday. Opt-in security is not an option in this day and age, he said. “The company recommended that users consider adopting its Yahoo Account Key, an authentication tool that eliminates the need for a password. However, tools like this only work if the user remembers to activate them.”

Given the current security climate, Hart said all companies should have multifactor authentication activated by default for all online accounts. “Now, it only remains to see how much more of a discount Verizon may ask for.”

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