SC Media – Struggle is real: UK businesses unprepared for cyber-attack response

scmediaBusinesses in the UK are struggling to face the looming threat of cyber-attacks, with nearly a third of C-level executives admitting they don’t have a response plan – or don’t even know whether or not they have one.

“Security training within businesses today is essentially not working. There needs to be different types of training for different types of individuals within the organisation. More importantly, the training needs to highlight the potential impact of security breaches to specific individuals,” Hart said.

“Security ultimately needs to be transparent to the individual user. We are a long way from that point today. But there are hopeful signs. The onward march of AI and behavioural analytics is helping drive the process and the move to cloud and microservices will help to accelerate it. Looking to the future, however, if this is to be sustained, we need to see more collaboration between technology vendors and cloud providers and vendors need to make security simpler and easier for users,” Hart said.

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