SC Media – Cyber-security industry 2017 predictions: reaching the tipping point






SC’s Roi Perez sifts through a mountain of predictions for cyber-security in 2017 to pick out recurrent trends, specific predictions and warnings as to where we need to prioritise our defences in the year ahead…

…Looking at 2017, many in the security industry are predicting not only more of the same, but new and improved techniques which will take cyber-attacks to the next level. One of the most notable is from Jason Hart, CTO Data Protection, Gemalto, who is predicting that data integrity breaches are set to send shockwaves throughout the world in 2017, with at least one ‘almighty’ breach disclosure of this type expected next year.

Data integrity is a promise or assurance that information can be accessed or modified only by authorised users. Data integrity attacks compromise that promise, with the aim of gaining unauthorised access to modify data for various ulterior motives, such as financial or reputational damage.

Hart said: “Data integrity attacks are, of course, nothing new, yet they remain under the radar of businesses who have an ever increasing reliance on data and make huge business decisions based on its analysis. These types of attacks are what I like to call the ultimate weaponisation of data.”

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