SC Magazine – 2019 cyber-security predictions – Pandora’s box of ills – but Hope remains

scmediaMore extensive that ever: AI-driven chat-bots to Zero-day mining as a service, Fuzzing; 5G, successes & failures of GDPR, loss of faith in the public internet, the IOT, breaches, Sim-jacking, skills shortage, ROI, death of privacy, failure to evolve and a host of novel new threats and solutions.

AI will be used by hackers for most sophisticated cyber-attack ever: “Next year will see the first AI-orchestrated attack take down a FTSE100 company. Creating a new breed of AI powered malware, hackers will infect an organisations system using the malware and sit undetected gathering information about users’ behaviours, and organisations systems. Adapting to its surroundings, the malware will unleash a series of bespoke attacks targeted to take down a company from the inside out. The sophistication of this attack will be like none seen before, and organisations must prepare themselves by embracing the technology itself as a method of hitting back and fight fire with fire.”  – Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto.

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