– Gemalto reports 2.6bn records breached in 2017

itpOver two billion records were stolen lost or exposed in 2017, according to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index.

The Index, a global database of breaches and their severity, showed 2.6 billion records were compromised in 2017, the first time that the total has passed two billion. Identity theft comprised the majority of records lost.

“The manipulation of data or data integrity attacks pose an arguably more unknown threat for organizations to combat than simple data theft, as it can allow hackers to alter anything from sales numbers to intellectual property. By nature, data integrity breaches are often difficult to identify and in many cases, where this type of attack has occurred, we have yet to see the real impact,” said Jason Hart, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Data Protection at Gemalto.

“In the event that the confidentiality, or privacy, of the data is breached, an organization must have controls, such as encryption, key management and user access management, in place to ensure that integrity of the data isn’t tampered with and it can still be trusted. Regardless of any concerns around manipulation, these controls would protect the data in situ and render it useless the moment it’s stolen.”

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