Intelligent CISO – Research reveals businesses believe cloud apps make them targets

intelligent-cisoAccording to new research from Thales, almost half (49%) of businesses believe cloud apps make them a target for cyberattacks.

Surveying 1,050 IT decision makers globally, Thales’ 2019 Access Management Index revealed that cloud applications (49%) are listed in the top three reasons an organisation might be attacked, just behind unprotected infrastructure such as IoT devices (54%) and web portals (50%).

Jason Hart, Cybersecurity expert at Thales, added: “It’s positive to see the UK ahead of its counterparts in using the right expertise in the right places. Giving CISOs the final decision on cloud access management is the most logical thing because they have the situational awareness to understand the risks facing the business and how to stop it more than anyone else. However, being ahead of the global average isn’t enough as a huge majority are still not giving the CISO or equivalent the final say, leaving most UK businesses exposed in the long run.”

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