Information Age: A CTO guide: The main challenges facing the cyber security industry

information-age-logo-text-onlyIn this guide, five CTOs provide their view on the main challenges facing the cyber security industry, with insights on how to overcome them.

Jason Hart, CTO at Gemalto, also says that the biggest challenge facing the cyber security industry is the growing cyber skills gap.

“There’s no shortage of young people capable of pursuing a career in cyber security. But, the trick is to ensure we nurture their skills and guide them towards using their talents for good, rather than acting as black hat hackers. Thanks to institutions such as GCHQ, initiatives are now being run around the UK that are aimed at producing the next generation of cyber security experts.”

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“As demand for these roles continues to increase in a post-GDPR world, governments, businesses and educators need to invest in these young people. Of course, they also need to train existing staff, use relevant solutions and be situationally aware, to remain secure and continue to comply with regulations now.”

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