Information Age – A CTO guide: Cyber security best practice tips

information-age-logo-text-onlyAs part of Information Age’s Cyber Security Month, we have provided three CTO guides on cyber security: the challengesthe technology and the best practices. This is the last one, and will focus on cyber security best practice tips, with some insights on how CTOs, or CISOs or those in charge of security, can protect their organisation from the growing list of cyber threats, as well as increasing human error.

Jason Hart, CTO at Gemalto suggests that the cyber criminals are exploiting the arrogance of organisations.

“Senior leaders must be situationally aware and ensure that employees only have access to the data that they need at any given point,” he says.

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“Very few understand the critical importance of knowing the impact of people, data and business processes, and this is the weakness that cyber criminals are exploiting. There are those that are simply ignorant, who just aren’t looking or considering the impact of a data breach and those that are arrogant and believe they know it all, thinking that massive investment in the latest security products will stop a breach. But it’s this very arrogance that makes them vulnerable. In both cases, there is a serious lack of situational awareness.”

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