ID Bulletin: EXPERT PANEL: Is replacing the password realistic and should we even try?

id-bulletinPasswords have always been like Japanese Knotweed – once you have introduced them it is almost impossible to get rid of. But is this still the case? Is trying to replace passwords realistic? Or should we all just get better at managing them? We asked the experts for their opinion…

“The simple truth is, no matter how complicated they are, there is no such thing as a safe static password. A password that does not change can easily be hacked, should the hacker find this out through methods like social engineering. Any business that handles customer data owes it to their customers to roll-out more vigorous authentication procedures such as one-time passwords and two-factor authentication methods. These are basic controls that can be easily implemented to add that extra layer of protection. If businesses continue to rely on the static password, we’ll continue to see regular security breaches occur on a daily basis.”

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