IBC 365 – Germany leads cloud security adoption

365-logoThe UK has fallen behind other countries in protecting assets stored in the cloud, according to a study conducted by digital security company Gemalto. The findings revealed regional discrepancies in adopting cloud security, with Germany the front-runner.

Gemalto Chief Technology Officer of Data Protection, Jason Hart said: “ While it’s good to see some countries like Germany taking the issue of cloud security seriously, there is a worrying attitude emerging elsewhere.”

This could be because it is assumed that data protection in the cloud is difficult to maintain, however, Hart stated: “The opposite is true.

“The benefit of the cloud is its convenience, scalability and cost control in offering options to businesses that they would not be able to access or afford on their own, particularly when it comes to security. However, while securing data is easier, there should never be an assumption that cloud adoption means information is automatically secure.”

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