Forbes – Seven Ways To Decide Whether Your Company Should Adopt New Tech

forbes-tech-councilWith all the latest developments in technology, it may seem like new advancements in tech are launching every day, and the last company to adopt could end up behind. However, that’s far from the truth.

Not every new tech is designed to suit your company’s needs. In fact, some new tech developments may actually waste your company’s money and time, without much gain to be had at all.

So, how can you tell if a new tech feature, app or other development is the right fit for your company? How can you decide if it will be a boon or a bust? To help you gain some industry insight regarding this question, seven members of Forbes Technology Council share their advice on adopting new tech. Here’s what they said:

7. See If It Aligns With Needs And Objectives

The most crucial aspects when deciding whether to invest in new technology for an organization are does it align with the needs and objectives of the business and the user? Too often we see businesses trying to shoehorn the latest buzzword piece of technology because that’s what’s claimed to be the next big thing. Technology should help elevate a company to the next level, not knock it off course. – Jason Hart, Gemalto

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