Evening Standard – Fifa World Cup 2018 guide for fans: British football fans travelling to the World Cup in Russia warned to keep data safe

evening-standard-logo-2The government and the Football Supporters Federation issued safety and security advice for England fans heading to Russia to watch the tournament next week.

Jason Hart, a Cyber Security Expert emphasised the importance of Brits protecting their data.

“Fans need to be very careful about what WiFi networks they connect to,” he said.

“Hackers can harvest all sorts of personal data through WiFi networks.”

He explained that if a fan logs into a WiFi that is not trustworthy they could be in danger of providing a hacker with their password and username information for the sites they access when using that WiFi.

He warned fans to avoid logging into their business emails or work portals whilst abroad.

“If a fan uses an untrustworthy WiFi network to access their work platforms that could lead to hackers gaining access to whole companies and then they could cause a lot of damage,” Mr Hart said.

He said those looking to protect their data can take certain measures.

“All the online services have one time passwords. When you log in you can request a one-time password and this will be generated and will not be the same as any others that you use. Make sure that’s enabled,” he said.

The National Cyber Security Centre also advised fans not to use streaming services while travelling and to “turn on the ability to wipe your phone should it become lost. Ideally, back up all your data and photos before you travel.”

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