Infosecurity – Encryption is Often Poorly Deployed, if Deployed at All

Posted on 21/05/19

 Encryption continues to be a challenge for companies, as only a quarter of organizations admit to using it for at-rest data, and for emails and data centers. According to research by Thales and IDC, encryption for email is only adopted by around 27% of the European respondents, while the numbers decline for data at rest, data centers, Big Data…

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ZDNet – Quantum computers will break encryption

Posted on 24/04/19

Jason Hart talks to Tonya Hall in this video interview on the impact that Quantum Computing will have on Information Security and in particular encryption. To watch the video click on the image or here.  

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Just Food – UK companies “lack understanding of cyber security threats” – government report

Posted on 6/03/19

A UK government report highlighting a significant lack of understanding among directors of FTSE 350 companies of how cyber attacks can hit businesses has been dubbed “alarming” by a cyber security professional. The Government report, published today, found only 16% of boards have a full understanding of the impact from and disruption associated with cyber attacks, despite…

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Verdict UK – Lack of board-level cybersecurity awareness “alarming”

Posted on 5/03/19

A UK government report highlighting a significant lack of board-level cybersecurity awareness among FTSE 350 members has been dubbed “alarming” by a senior cybersecurity professional. The report, published today, found that only 16% of boards have a full understanding of the impact and disruption associated with cyberattacks, despite 96% having an established cybersecurity strategy. “It’s alarming…

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ZDNet – Can we always trust the core IoT data stream?

Posted on 26/02/19

Jason Hart joins ZDNet’s Tonya Hall in a conversation considering the many challenges in IoT Security. You can watch the interview here.  

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Verdict UK – JPM Coin: JP Morgan cryptocurrency blasted as against the “freedom and spirit” of crypto

Posted on 15/02/19

The JPM coin, the newly announced JP Morgan cryptocurrency, is being seen as a key step in the adoption of the technology in the mainstream banking industry, however for some in the industry it is a cause for deep concern. Announced yesterday, the JP Morgan cryptocurrency will begin being used this year, but only for…

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Forbes – Seven Ways To Decide Whether Your Company Should Adopt New Tech

Posted on 12/02/19

With all the latest developments in technology, it may seem like new advancements in tech are launching every day, and the last company to adopt could end up behind. However, that’s far from the truth. Not every new tech is designed to suit your company’s needs. In fact, some new tech developments may actually waste…

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Information Age – Top security risks in digital transformation – and how to overcome them

Posted on 18/01/19

Technology such as cloud, internet of things (IoT) and automation are helping companies to digitally transform, but they also add security risks. What can firms do? And what are the top security risks in digital transformation? Overall, firms undergoing digital transformation need to look at security in a different way, says Jason Hart, CTO of…

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