Manipulation of the data

“Since the internet was created, data has been at the heart of it. However, as our use of the internet and the value of this data has grown, so too has the risk of it being stolen or lost. In the last four years in the UK, over 74 million data records have been breached, with that number increasing every year. While businesses have focused on protecting their perimeters against data breaches, this has left data open and exposed. In the future, businesses won’t just have to protect against theft, but also manipulation of the data that is so valuable to them. As we celebrate Internet Day, we need to remember that GDPR is fast approaching and businesses operating with or within the EU, don’t have a lot of time to get their house in order before they have to announce any breaches that occur. The internet has created so many opportunities, but with it has also brought the potential for criminals to prosper. In order to stop this, we need to ensure that our focus is always on protecting the most valuable thing, data.”