Forbes – Data Breaches: Looking Beyond The Bottom Line

Posted on 25/09/19

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has fundamentally altered the way businesses collect, store and process data. In contrast to the United States, up until GDPR’s implementation, European businesses weren’t required to notify the authorities when their systems had been breached, meaning many data breaches — and the extent of them — were difficult to…

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IT Pro Portal: Into the breach: why we’re seeing a sharp rise in GDPR violations

Posted on 19/08/19

More than a year into GDPR, what’s the effect been? It’s now over a year since GDPR came into effect, and although the impact of the regulation is starting to be felt, there’s still a long way to go before the true security picture in Europe becomes clear. GDPR requires that organisations must disclose to…

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Security Boulevard – How Brexit Impacts the Future of Europe’s Cybersecurity Posture

Posted on 5/08/19

The British parliament has been unable to agree the exit package from the European Union. With the possibility of a “no deal” departure looming, EU leaders have granted a six-month extension to Brexit day. But the uncertainty that still lingers with regards to Britain’s future, creates various opportunities which cyber criminals could try to exploit….

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Forbes – Ethical Hackers: A Business’s Best Friend?

Posted on 29/07/19

Brands are under pressure to protect themselves and their customers from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. With daily media headlines and new regulations, consumers have never been more aware of the threats out there. As a result, businesses are being forced to take the issue of cybersecurity more seriously, facing it head on and putting in…

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TEDxBristol “Reflect Rethink Reboot” Podcast – Techfusion 2019

Posted on 10/07/19

Jason took part in the making of episode two of the TEDxBristol Podcast “Reflect Rethink Reboot” while at the Techfusion event held in Bristol in June 2019. In this episode, they take a look a Bristol’s vibrant tech startup scene, meeting some of the founders and startups who are helping Bristol and the south west of…

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Cyberwire Podcast Part 4 – Case studies in risk and regulation

Posted on 30/01/19

In the final episode of this four-part series, called “Ground Truth or Consequences: the challenges and opportunities of regulation in cyberspace,” Cyberwire examine some of the game changing high profile breaches like Yahoo, Equifax and OPM, along with their impacts and lessons learned. Our guest is Dr. Christopher Pierson, CEO and founder of BlackCloak and Jason Hart, CTO for enterprise…

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Cybersecurity Insiders – Nearly Half of Organizations Can’t Tell If Their IoT Devices Were Breached, Finds Study

Posted on 18/01/19

The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise. According to Statista, the number of IoT devices are expected to increase from 23.14 billion to 30.73 billion in 2020. By 2025, that number is expected to more than double to 75.44 billion. Such projected growth highlights the need for organizations to harden their IoT devices. But…

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Intelligent CISO – Gemalto CTO on why confidence and security must go hand in hand

Posted on 14/01/19

Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection, Gemalto, discusses why security and confidence must go hand in hand. In any industry, confidence is a key trait for a business to be successful.The company itself must understand its operations and ability to deliver what customers want, who in turn must trust the company they’re buying from. If either…

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