GDPR Report – GDPR Summit London: Should you be worried about a data breach?

gdprreport-logogReports of business data breaches have unfortunately become commonplace. This week, the corporate finance giant Deloitte has suffered a cyber-attack that compromised confidential data, including the private emails of some of its clients.

More than ever, businesses need to ensure their data is protected from outside threats. Jason Hart, CTO of Data Protection at Gemalto said about the news of the Deloitte breach:

“Today’s announcement that Deloitte was hacked is not a surprise. Breaches will – and ARE continuing to happen—to expect otherwise would be unrealistic. As an industry, we need to truly know our surroundings, meaning knowing exactly where data resides, who has access to it, how it is transferred, when it is encrypted/decrypted – really the entire supply change of digital users and the data. Of the 1.9 billion data records compromised worldwide in the first half of 2017, less than 1% used encryption to render the information useless.

“We need a data-centric view of threats means using better identity and access control techniques, multi-factor authentication and encryption and key management to secure sensitive data. This is, even more, pressing with new and updated government mandates like the 2015 Digital Privacy Act in Canada, the GDPR in Europe, as well as U.S state-based and APAC country-based breach disclosure laws.”

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