May 25th 2017 – Turning the Table on Hackers through Situational Awareness

Posted on 17/05/17

ISC2 Webinar – May 25th 2017 12:00–13:00 BST Data breaches in 2016 got even more personal with big hacks of adult entertainment sites and social media databases. Hackers mined these for gold, in other words, valuable data to create social engineering attacks, ransom operations and identity theft. According to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index, the number…

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April 25th 2017 – Webcast – Part II – How to get started with GDPR & Applying Appropriate Security Controls

Posted on 18/04/17

As a follow-up to our previous webinar, this panel discussion will dive into further detail about the GDPR. Presented by compliance experts Christine Andrews (DQM GRC) and Jason Hart (Gemalto) we will answer some of the big questions raised in the previous webinar and open up to the live audience for an interactive Q&A. To…

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April 26th 2017 – IPEXPO Manchester – GDPR Blueprint; Tackling Confidentially, Integrity and Availability of Data

Posted on 4/04/17

The new EU regulation of the Privacy world (the GDPR) is rapidly approaching. This webinar will reveal a back to basics approach in relation to GDPR. Specifically, Jason Hart – Gemalto CTO will identify a GDPR blueprint that tackles the privacy concerns around confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data. More info here.

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23rd March 2017 – Webcast – Getting started with GDPR, Privacy and Applying Appropriate Security Controls

Posted on 13/03/17

Live webinar: 12pm (UK), 23rd March 2017, and available on-demand after this date.   In this webinar, presented by compliance experts Christine Andrews (DQM GRC), Jason Hart (Gemalto) and Becrypt you will learn: a. The background to the new General Data Protection Regulation b. An overview of the key areas of change from the existing…

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6th December 2016 – (ISC)2 SecureLondon Conference

Posted on 2/11/16

This conference explores the impact of the rise of the virtual organisation on security practice; the solutions that are emerging to tackle this environment; and the lessons being learned within professional practice. Acknowledging the need to step away from the technology–driven approach that often dominates traditional systems security management, delegates will explore the foundational concepts…

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9th November Webinar – Data Breaches 2016: Make Your Data Worthless

Posted on 28/10/16

Last year, cyber criminals started turning their focus to hacking people’s personal information. This year, more than half of all data breaches are identity theft. Hackers have been targeting government databases to get the information. It’s currently the industry with the largest number of records stolen and/or compromised. The cyber criminal’s shift from credit card…

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3rd November, 2016 – The Government Journey to Securing the Breach

Posted on 24/10/16

Event: GTEC Ottawa, Canada 3rd November 2016 Today, governments need to extend their data infrastructure across business units, partners, suppliers, customers, and a growing mobile workforce. The outsider is now an insider. Because of this, governments and organizations must adopt an enterprise data protection strategy in order to effectively protect data from the core…

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