3rd November, 2016 – The Government Journey to Securing the Breach

Event: GTEC Ottawa, Canada
3rd November 2016
Today, governments need to extend their data infrastructure across business units, partners, suppliers, customers, and a growing mobile workforce. The outsider is now an insider. Because of this, governments and organizations must adopt an enterprise data protection strategy in order to effectively protect data from the core to the edge of the enterprise, but how?

A holistic security approach around protecting your data requires a vision, a plan, an understanding of best practices, managed execution, and regular oversight. This is where most organizations struggle. They know where they want to be, but how to get there is extremely challenging. Realizing the full potential of a data protection strategy requires well thought out business objectives and the involvement of multiple stakeholders across the organization, from business leaders, security officers, IT and Professional services to consultants, end users and even sales.

This presentation will discuss:

  • A blueprint to allow organizations to communicate more effectively between departments and ultimately create a systematic and lasting process or approach for securing their most sensitive data. 
  • There is a profound communication gap between the business and technical perspectives of data security. 
  • Based on encryption standards and best practices, this presentation will discuss how to build a business data security framework. Once business drivers are established, we’ll focus on security capabilities using vendor independent terms, and commonly accepted industry definitions to create a risk management blueprint. 
  • Real world business scenarios and map them to applicable solutions.