9th November Webinar – Data Breaches 2016: Make Your Data Worthless

Last year, cyber criminals started turning their focus to hacking people’s personal information. This year, more than half of all data breaches are identity theft. Hackers have been targeting government databases to get the information. It’s currently the industry with the largest number of records stolen and/or compromised. The cyber criminal’s shift from credit card and financial data to personal information begs the question “how much is your identity really worth?” While it might start as a nuisance, the true impact of identity theft to an individual can be catastrophic and costly. With the Internet of Things taking off and the number of connected devices increasing, it is important to make your data worthless to fraudsters.

This webinar looks at the major data breach trends in 2016. Who is doing the hacking, how they are doing it, what needs to be protected in the Internet of Things era and what data is under attack. In addition, listeners can get a new understanding of how to approach data security and “Secure the Breach”.

Join me on November 9th at 2pm.