4 Important trends in cloud security

Posted on 16/01/18

Significant security challenges confront organizations as they migrate their IT needs and processing resources to the cloud. They must first select a cloud service provider that can hopefully ensure security of the cloud and thereby fulfill their half of the Shared Responsibility Model. Next, they must implement appropriate security controls such as encryption, access management and multi-factor authentication in their effort to secure…

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Four Data Security Trends that Defined 2017

Posted on 29/12/17

With 2018 upon us, it’s important we take stock of the data security trends and threats that defined 2017. Several notable trends emerged over the course of the year, after all, and these will no doubt continue to shape the data security landscape into 2018 and beyond. Here are four such remarkable data security trends…

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6 steps to prepare for post Brexit GDPR compliance

Posted on 8/08/17

Ever since the vote to leave the EU last year, it’s been unclear how much, if any, of the incoming GDPR legislation would be applied in the UK. Thankfully, the government has taken this on board, and today revealed plans to improve our current data protection legislation. This updated law aims to: Transfer the European Union’s…

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Game of Threats: It’s Time for a New Data Security Script

Posted on 1/08/17

HBO now finds itself among a growing list of Hollywood data breach victims, joining Netflix and Sony, to have some very serious intellectual property stolen by hackers – their programming content. One would think media companies would defend their most sensitive assets like banks do with financial data. That does not seem to be the…

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What challenges enterprise cyber security executives?

Posted on 25/07/17

Here’s an understatement for you: this is an interesting time to be a cyber security or risk management executive at an enterprise. In reality, this is the most challenging period ever for organizations when it comes to safeguarding data and systems. There is a rising number of data breaches—nearly 1.4 billion data records were lost…

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My Situational Awareness – It is going to get Worse

Posted on 3/03/17

In a nutshell Forget everything that you know about information security as what you are doing is not working, you need to completely change your mind-set. Data breaches were going to get worse, they going to cause more damage, and most of us simply are not aware of how little we are doing about it….

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Cyber Investigator Chronicles – a guide to the villains

Posted on 7/12/16

  If you’ve been following the news recently, you’ll know that cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. It’s crucial that company executives take the threat of a cyber-attack seriously, as a data breach has the potential to inflict long-lasting, perhaps irreversible, damage on an organization. Fortunately, as you’ll see in our brand new comic story, Gemalto’s…

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Network World: 2017 breach predictions

Posted on 16/11/16

In 2017, we’ll see more intricate, complex and undetected data integrity attacks and for two main reasons: financial gain and/or political manipulation   We’ve reached that time of year where everyone in the security industry is pulling together predictions for what we expect to see over the next year, and/or slowly backing away from any…

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