Lack of confidence in data security can cost you more than you think

Posted on 16/07/18

(This article first appeared on CSO Online here.) The majority of companies don’t understand the value of their data, because they aren’t taking the necessary steps to study the information they are gathering from customers. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect almost two months ago. Leading the way to a new…

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IT Security Guru – CISO Chat – Jason Hart, CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto

Posted on 6/07/18

On the back of what was a fantastic first round of questioning with insightful responses from leading figures in the IT security industry, the CISO Chat segment on the IT Security Guru has returned for the second round of questioning. We have caught up with a host of CISO’s and senior security experts to get…

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CSO Online – GDPR: Where we were…and where we’re going

Posted on 13/06/18

It’s clear that conventional methods to data security aren’t working anymore, so it’s time to step away from breach prevention and focus on a “secure breach” approach (This article first appeared in CSO Online here.) The plethora of data breaches within the past few years have set off alarms for organizations, especially their IT managers. We’ve…

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CSO Online – Let’s get serious about security: 2.6 billion records stolen or compromised in 2017

Posted on 16/05/18

Gemalto’s 2017 Breach Level Index found 2.6 billion records were compromised in 2017, as well a number of new data breach tactics. Breached or exposed data is not only a headache for security teams. It also impacts brand reputation, customer confidence and stock prices, but risk can be managed by mapping out where data resides….

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AV Technology Europe – Confessions of a professional hacker: think your AV/IT is safe? This may change your mind

Posted on 5/04/18

  An Interview with Jason Hart…   The threats from cyber attacks are reaching epidemic proportions. As I write this, an email with the headline ‘councils hit be 37 cyber attacks every minute’ has popped up on my screen. Surprised? After all, the subject of cyber threats for many is like discussing a life threatening…

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CSO Online – Understanding the challenges of cloud security

Posted on 8/03/18

Stay grounded as cloud security becomes more complicated.   The great migration advances as businesses continue to flock to the cloud for their IT and processing resources. The potential benefits are real; businesses have access to options they might not otherwise be able to afford, delivered with convenience and scalability. Yet, no one should assume…

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CSO Online – Data breaches are taking a toll on customer loyalty

Posted on 25/01/18

Data breaches are happening on a daily basis. And as the number of breaches has soared, the scale of attacks has escalated as well. According to the Breach Level Index, 1.9 billion data records worldwide were compromised during the first half of 2017 due to 918 data breaches. The number of lost, stolen or compromised records increased…

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TechWorld – Anatomy of an ethical hacker: What it takes to operate on the frontlines of cybersecurity

Posted on 1/01/18

Former ethical hacker and CTO, Data Protection at Gemalto Jason Hart lets us in on the secrets of ethical hacking. The perceived vision of a hacker – anti-social and geeky – is becoming increasingly inaccurate. Modern hackers are social, curious, adaptable and motivated – either by inquisitiveness, the desire for financial gain, to influence politics…

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