CyberSecurity Insiders – 6 steps to prepare for post Brexit GDPR compliance

Posted on 10/08/17

[ This article was originally published here ] With new data protection laws on the way, UK businesses have run out of excuses, writes Jason Hart, CTO, Gemalto Ever since the vote to leave the EU last year, it’s been unclear how much, if any, of the incoming GDPR legislation would be applied in the UK. Thankfully, the government…

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In 2016 Data Breaches Got Personal. That Means: YOU

Posted on 16/05/17

Since 2013, Gemalto’s Breach Level Index (BLI) has been used to track data breaches and measure their severity based on multiple dimensions, including number of records compromised, types of data, breach sources, how data was used and whether it was encrypted. The findings are released annually and each year seems to have unique trends. For…

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Compliance Insights – 2016: A Record Year for Data Breaches

Posted on 11/05/17

When it comes to data security breaches, 2016 was yet another year that many governance, risk and compliance (GRC) executives will not remember fondly. The year saw almost 1.4 billion data records lost or stolen, up 86 percent from 2015, according to a comprehensive analysis of security breaches conducted by Gemalto through data collected in…

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Network World – Data breaches: It’s still personal

Posted on 1/05/17

The recent Breach Level Index found that 1,792 data breaches led to almost 1.4 million data records being compromised worldwide, an increase of 86% compared to 2015. In a blog post last September, I highlighted how data breaches for the first half of 2016 shifted from stolen credit card data and financial information to the…

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Information Age – Encryption – everybody claims to be doing it, but what does it mean?

Posted on 7/03/17

What are consumers’ perception of encryption, and what steps must businesses take to secure themselves? In 2016 consumers were exposed to a larger number of high profile data breaches than any year previously – last year Yahoo disclosed the loss of more than half a billion customer records. These events have helped raise public awareness…

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ITProPortal – A new era of hacking: 2017 will be the Year of the data integrity breach

Posted on 8/02/17

Data is the new oil, a crucially valuable resource which dictates everything from business operations to government policy. 2016 was certainly a notable year, with unexpected goings on in the cultural and political spheres. The same can be said of the security industry, which saw the largest data breach ever recorded being disclosed by Yahoo,…

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ITProPortal – Perimeter security: Beyond the corporate boundary

Posted on 9/01/17

Perimeter security incorporates an extensive set of systems – from firewalls, to content filtering and anomaly detection.   What does ‘perimeter’ mean these days? With mobile application access, remote working, employee use of cloud-based information sharing and other activities taking place beyond the corporate boundary, many organisations struggle to determine where this perimeter actually lies….

Read More – 2017 Predictions: The Breach that Breaks the Camel’s Back

Posted on 29/12/16

  It’s December, the final month of the year where we both reflect and look forward, and it will probably come as no surprise that I want to talk about data breaches again. In 2014, I predicted we would start taking data breaches more seriously, and last year, I talked about how I expected to…

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